Von Der Wilmothhaus

Greta vom Roten Feldweg  
Sire:  Esko Team Agrigento  Dam:  Ayda vom Roten Feldweg
3 X IGP3 KKL for Life, many times V and KKL for life!! 
"a" normal hips and elbows DM clear(n/n)
Temperament, workability and Beauty!!!!!  The "TOTAL" package!

Greta came to us in January of 2020.  Amid covid and Tim's illness, she was only trialed once in September of 2020.  She and Kathy added a 2nd IGP3 to her resume with a 100 point IGP3 track!  Hopefully, 2021 will allow her more chances to show what she can do in both the show ring and on the trial field!  Watch for her!
06/13/2021 - Greta adds her 3rd IGP3 at Countyline Hundesport Trial and was awarded the only V score in any phase over the 3 days of this trial.98 pt track!
08/28/2021 - Greta makes v4 in the Working Females at the MER Conformation Championship!

Greta Back jump Sept 2020 Trial
for IGP3
Greta... just hanging out!
Playful Greta June 2020
SOOOOO Pretty Greta
Greta on June 13, 2021 during protection
critique of the 3rd IGP3!
a rain soaked Greta and Kathy on June 13,
2021 after Greta's 98 point IGP3 track!
Blind search June 2020
June 2020....Trial practice
Greta guarding!
Greta Protection Workshop March 2021
Greta Protection Workshop March 2021
Greta Protection Workshop March 2021
Greta Voraus..Sept 2020
Greta wall Sept 2020 IGP3
Flat retrieve..IGP3..
September 2020
Greta wins her prize...
Long bite on Mariiusz as she
achieves her 2nd IGP3!
September 2020
The lovely Greta...lookin'
all angelic!